If you currently suffer with peripheral neuropathy, you are already aware of the pain, dysfunction, and lifestyle disruption that occurs. Even the name makes this condition sound painful…It is! Initially the symptoms may be barely detectable yet over time can get worse and lead to significant reduction of independence.

Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a severe disorder of your nerves. While it is true that diabetes accounts for the vast majority of cases, neuropathy can be caused by or in combination with; medications, chemotherapy, exposure to poisons and toxic substances, vitamin deficiencies, trauma, compression of nerves, poor circulation, auto-immune conditions, tumors, and infections. Kidney disease, liver disease, connective tissue disorders, cardiovascular irregularities and potentially, thyroid abnormalities can trigger neuropathy as well.

Peripheral neuropathy commonly affects the arms, hands, legs, and feet. Symptoms include loss of balance, tingling, restless legs, numbness, burning, weakness and throbbing pain. Additionally, swelling, discoloration, fatigue and “heavy” feelings of limbs can occur. It can be common to experience extreme sensitivity to even light touch.

With PN, even simple tasks are a burden and as the condition advances, loss of independence may occur. Dropping utensils and cups are common as is revocation of driving privileges as reduced sensation and function in the feet and legs progresses. Because peripheral neuropathy can afflict and involve many bodily systems, the treatment requires an advanced, multi-factorial, clinical type approach.

An assessment and evaluation must involve a thorough history, circulatory, motor and sensory examination. Blood work assessment and diagnostic tests may be performed to evaluate treatment approach.  

Our clinic utilizes various FDA approved devices such as near infra-red lasers and nerve regeneration devices, vibration therapy, circulation improving techniques, along with a proven metabolic program geared towards neuropathy. A side note needs to be made in that the Cancer Centers of America also use one of the techniques that is administered.

If you or a loved one suffers with peripheral neuropathy, please do not delay seeking treatment as the sooner treatment commences the better the outcomes can potentially be.



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